Workers Compensation Insurance

Have you ever been injured at work, or had an employee be injured at work? Maybe it was through negligence on someone else’s part or negligence on their part, or maybe it was just an unavoidable accident. Either way, now you or your employee is injured, and you have to deal with the fall-out. But what will happen to their job? How will they pay bills if they aren’t working? This is why employers carry workers compensation insurance.What Is Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Worker’s compensation insurance is a policy employers purchase to provide aid to their employees who are hurt on the job. If an employee is injured and unable to work, a worker’s compensation policy will help pay their lost wages or any other expenses accrued. Though the law requires nearly all businesses to carry worker’s comp, it’s also just good business practice.

How Does Worker’s Compensation Work?

This is best told through example. For instance, say you own a flower shop. If you have a full-time employee who slips and falls during work and breaks their arm, that employee may not be able to continue working for a while. They may have extra expenses associated with their injury, like a doctor’s visit. Worker’s compensation insurance provides you with the means to pay benefits to that employee until they are recovered and able to come back to work.

Worker’s Compensation Benefits

There are four major categories of benefits for worker’s compensation: medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, disability, and death and funeral services. This means that, depending on the policy you purchase, your employees can receive benefits throughout their recovery process. If there is a tragic accident that results in a fatality, worker’s compensation insurance can also cover the funeral services for that employee.

We all wish that accidents didn’t happen, but they do. Providing for your employees is the responsibility of every business owner. Purchasing worker’s compensation insurance can provide both you and them with peace of mind.

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