Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicles are vehicles for ultimate enjoyment and incredible adventures. But, what if you accidentally flip your ATV while climbing a sand dune in the Mojave Desert or you end up watching your snow mobile slide down a slope in Aspen with you sliding 6 feet in front of it? Have you ever tried to drive your high profile RV through the Cajon Pass in California?

Americans have long considered recreational vehicles as a symbol of success and an exciting lifestyle. Over the years, recreational vehicles of all types have gotten very expensive and consumers have sought ways to protect their investment. That has led to the advent of products such as Recreational Vehicles Insurance, ATV Insurance, RV Insurance, and Golf Cart insurance.

These types of insurance were specifically designed to protect both body and property from damage as it pertains to any type of moving vehicle that is used primarily for recreational purposes. However, the coverage offered is many times similar to that offered on a standard auto or truck insurance policy.

In the case of bodily injury accidents, the policies can carry a liability clause designed to protect an individual not directly involved in the operation of the vehicle. For instance, an ATV insurance policy might cover an innocent bystander accidentally struck by the vehicle. Hospitalization coverage may be provided to individuals operating the vehicle or their passengers. Since many of these vehicles are considered high risk, it is common for coverage to only include injuries incurred in the vehicle while it is being operated “as intended.” Other types of coverage may include theft, collision or personal property (located inside the vehicle).

Recreational vehicles are enjoyed all around the country, no matter the weather, surface or location. As long as individuals push these products to the limits of their capabilities, accidents are sure to happen. Hence the importance of proper insurance!

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