Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine insurance covers cargo and water vessels of all types including ships, and terminals. It protects against any losses that may be caused during the transportation of goods and items. Natural disasters and occurrences can easily destroy vessels and the goods they carry during transportation. With this in mind, marine insurance is very important to have especially when transporting goods for a living or when frequently on the water.

Who is Inland Marine Insurance For?

Inland Marine insurance is great for any individual or business that transports goods and items from one port to another. Shipping companies can greatly benefit from this type of insurance as it will protect them from any losses that may occur while in transportation. Transporters of any type can benefit from this type of insurance by avoiding the potentially costly losses that may occur.

How Does Marine Insurance Work?

When purchasing marine insurance coverage, there are options specific to the industry the businesses or individuals work in. Each coverage option is customizable to the business needs. Some of the customizable options include information regarding ship size and the direction the goods are being transported in. Be sure that the requirements are covered by the business, as there are very strict requirements for each marine insurance policy in the contracts.

Different Types of Marine Insurance Coverage in Existence

Hull insurance is the first type of marine insurance offered that protects the vessel itself. It will also cover any damages that may occur to the equipment to make the vessels run. Hull insurance is just for business owned vessels, however.

Cargo insurance covers any damage that happens to the goods and items that are carried on the vessels. Depending on the insurance provider, this type of policy may cover theft as well. Cargo policies do only cover the goods and items if they are damaged during transportation.

Marine liability policies cover any personal injuries or illnesses that occur when working on the vessels. Any medical expenses will be covered. This policy does also covers any damage that may occur to another vessel due to the business’ vessel and quarantine expenses.

Major Benefits of Marine Insurance

Marine insurance has the ability to offer protection against every aspect of the transportation process. Each policy is fully customizable to each individual business’s needs. Value can also be marked upon these policies with the employees’ profits as well. This truly is a great type of insurance for a business to have to ensure they are covered for transporting goods and items via marine vessels.

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