Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is a type of policy designed to help companies protect their automobiles, as well as cover any damages to other vehicles. This is a necessary policy for anyone who has a company vehicle or service that requires transporting passengers or goods for work purposes. An insurance policy helps protect company assets by paying for any damages or personal injuries that are the direct result of an accident.

An insurance policy will help your company in a number of ways should there be an automobile accident. If your vehicle accidentally hits another vehicle, person or someone’s property, you would simply file a claim with the insurance company. The insurance company then analyzes damages and gives a payout that helps pay for medical treatments, vehicle repairs and property replacement. Your coverage helps protect your car and other people. Should someone hit your commercial vehicle, they might not have coverage. Your insurance can help you recover some of your losses in this special situation.

There are several different types of commercial auto insurance. While many drivers get a liability-only policy that covers damage done to others, most commercial drivers will choose a full coverage package. Some policies will cover your driver’s medical expenses as well. Choosing a plan with a low deductible is often recommended so that your company will not have high out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident. Depending on the size of your commercial vehicle, you may be required by law to choose a liability policy that has higher limitations.

Commercial vehicle insurance isn’t just a practical policy to have in case of an accident, it is also a legal requirement in most U.S. states. We can help you determine your specific needs and tailor a policy that will encompass the most benefits, within your budget.

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