Boat Insurance

Investing on a boat – small or large – is a commitment to a great lifestyle… And to protect your new valuable asset, it is wise to acquire an insurance policy that will also give you peace of mind.

A boat insurance policy covers potential damage to your boat in case of an accident. It also covers liability costs in case you or a family member is legally liable in an accident. Additional coverage might include:

*Uninsured boater: Coverage that pays for you and your family if injured by a boater with little or no insurance.

* Replacement coverage for other personal items such as sporting equipment, clothing, and other items, up to a set amount.

* Medical payments for the policyholder and their family in case of injury.

* Compensation in case the policyholder turns physically disabled due to a boating accident.

* Emergency Service.

Since boats and other recreational vehicles often have a large price tag, it is financial protection to carry enough coverage to prevent major monetary loss. Boat insurance will not only save thousands of dollars in the long run, it will also save your assets if you are liable for any accidents that may cause injury to another person.

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