An unforeseen turn of events such as accidents, earthquakes, hurricanes, explosions, flooding, theft, or death can be very detrimental. These unplanned events could destroy lives and properties; the shock could leave you in a state of disarray, or worse, you get a heart attack that gets you rushed to the hospital. These unfortunate events could take all of your residual income, and that may render you bankrupt.

Also, in the case of the death of the breadwinner of the family, the family may lose their home due to unpaid rent and be rendered homeless, children are sent out of school for unpaid school fees, and employees be laid off work due to unpaid salaries. You can protect yourself, your family, and your business from these unforeseen events by insuring them with a reliable and trustworthy insurance agency, that will stand by you during these unspeakable times no matter what.


What is an Insurance Agency?

This refers to a company that sells insurance. Insurance refers to a financial product sold by the insurance agency to you to offer protection over your property or life. In case of these unforeseen circumstances, once you have an agreement in the form of a contract called Insurance Policy, the agency stands to reimburse you with money for your losses.


This contract (insurance policy) is signed by you and the agency. This insurance policy stands as the agreement between you, the insured (beneficiary), and the Insurer (the agency or person). In exchange, you make payments semi-annually or annually, called Premium.


What are the types of insurance an insurance agency offers?


In case you are wondering how you can protect yourself using an insurance agency, here are a few

  • Car insurance: this type of insurance covers your automobile. Incase incidents like flood, earthquake, theft, or fire that may have damaged your car, the insurance agency will pay for the repair, maintenance, or get you a new car and cover other affected properties.


  • Life insurance: this helps you take care of your loved ones after you die. In any event, when you die, the insurance agency will pay your loved ones a huge sum of money. Now you can protect your family’s future.


  • Health insurance: this helps save you from catastrophe health bills. In case of a serious accident, the insurance agency will foot your (your beneficiary) medical bills.


  • Pet insurance: if your pet gets hit by a car (accidents), you get to have your insurance agency cover the medical bills.


  • Home insurance: in case of fire outbreak, burglary, earthquake, or hurricane. Your insurance agency will cover your property damages.


  • Umbrella insurance: this is extra coverage for you, your family, and assets that go above and beyond to cover your extra damages.


  • Renter’s insurance: in event of property damage such as theft, fire, burglary, earthquake, or hurricane.
  • Flood insurance: in case your area suffers from water problems such as flood, flood damages to property will be covered by your insurance agency.
  • Fire insurance: in the event of natural or human-made circumstances such as earthquake, tornado, or fire damages.
  • General insurance:  this includes all other forms of insurance such as Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, and the like.


The best insurance agency for your needs

There are several insurance agencies out there, but the one that is guaranteed to give you the best service at JMJ INSURANCE. JMJ Insurance  is trusted by its numerous customers and has been rated 4.8 stars with positive feedback and referrals. They work with a brilliant team of well-read professionals to give you top-quality service with the right coverage and the best discounts. With JMJ, what matters most to you is protected.

JMJ Insurance provides insurance that covers automobiles, condos, dwelling fire, earthquake, flood, house owners, landlords, renters, town-home, umbrella, disability, life, long-term care, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, commercial properties, general-liabilities, inland marine, worker’s compensation, and business.

They also contribute to the community by positively impacting the lives of others by donating money, and food to other people in need. With every referral, you help someone in need as a donation is made on your behalf. They also have an exclusive concierge program.

Importance of having a good insurance agency

You may be wondering what you need insurance for and why you should go an extra mile for the service. Here are some reasons why a good insurance agency is worth every penny:


  • Provide safety and security: There is always a fear of loss, at any moment, something bad might happen, and it may be death, bad weather, theft, a bad injury, or a sudden health problem. Insurance agencies help provide security for your finances and safety for you and your family.


  • Loan policy: Insurance agencies are another source of finance as you can take out policy loans.


  • Promotes savings: Insurance agencies promote savings for the future, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, your family’s well-being will be secure.


  • Return on investment: by having a good insurance agency like JMJ Insurance you have ensured protection over what matters most to you.


  • Promotes economic growth: it influences productive investment and domestic savings. It promotes safety, financial stability, trade, and employment opportunities.


  • Medical support: with the increase in medical bills, insurance agencies stand as a support to help cover your health issues. You, the insured, get medical support with a health insurance policy in place.


  • Source of collecting funds: you get funds in event of risk or peril (unfortunate events).


  • It promotes life stage planning: you get to plan your family and business future. Insurance agencies give you that comfort and security to reach as high as you want.


  • It encourages international trade: with insurance agencies, you can trade internationally without fear of risk.


  •  It promotes comfort that you can grow old without worries and live to the fullest.



The financial consequence of a potential mishap can end a business; you should secure your business with an insurance agency that will cover the financial consequence. It is important to live a worry-free life as it is good for your health (reducing high blood pressure, depression, stress, insomnia, or headaches). Insurance agencies will help lift that burden off of your shoulders so you can sleep peacefully. The Team at JMJ Insurance will help lessen these burdens by giving you top-notch services to help you reach your goals. Call JMJ Insurance Today at  770-754-0882.


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