JMJ Insurance offers full coverage insurance for Autos, home, and businesses and life. We sweat the small stuff to ensure you have the right protection. We are interested in learning about anything that keeps you up at night. We believe that openly and honestly discussing your specific coverage needs is the best approach to offer adequate protection and peace of mind. We only work with the best agencies in the industry to provide you with the guidance, expertise, and personalized attention you deserve.


  • Vehicle insurance policies

We provide full coverage insurance for practically anything that moves you. We assist you in obtaining the kind of car insurance you require, whether you plan to drive on the road, on a trail, or the water.


Auto Insurance

For years, we’ve been providing affordable car insurance with

outstanding customer service.

  • 97% customer satisfaction rating


Motorcycle Insurance

Occasionally, having two wheels instead of four is preferable, but before you get on the road, get to know how JMJ Insurance would be able to save you money on motorbike insurance.

  • We make sure you have the necessary coverage.
  • Discounts that increase your financial flexibility


All-terrain vehicle Insurance

Lacking much knowledge of ATV insurance? You may discover more about it and what JMJ Insurance can provide.

  • We ensure that you and your ATV have adequate protection.
  • ATV insurance combined with a JMJ Insurance vehicle or RV policy qualifies for the multi-policy discount.


Recreational Vehicle Insurance

The flexibility of knowing where you’ll sleep at night comes with owning an RV or travel trailer, but these special vehicles come with difficulties that a typical car doesn’t have. With a customized policy, you can get the most excellent full coverage insurance at a fantastic rate for your money.

  • Specialized RV customer service



Collector Auto Insurance

Whether you refer to it as collector car insurance or classic car insurance, we understand that your vehicle is unique. Get a JMJ Insurance Classic Car Insurance quote and see how we can help protect your investment.

  • Coverage built specifically for your needs


  • Property insurance for your home

What is property insurance?

Property insurance is a sort of insurance plan that can offer protection to both landlords and tenants. Homeowners, renters, and flood insurance are a few types of property insurance, and these contracts can cover losses brought on by risks including fire, flooding, theft, weather, and others.

Our assortment of property insurance lets JMJ Insurance help you safeguard your home and possessions. Get a quote on property insurance for your house, apartment, and other properties. With online access, JMJ Insurance also makes managing your policy simple. Further, any changes, document requests, and payments are all possible.


Homeowners Insurance

One of your biggest investments is most likely your house. Make sure you have protection against the unexpected. The house itself is not the only thing that homeowners insurance protects. You can replace products that you usually wouldn’t be able to buy easily with the correct coverage. See a few of the benefits of having your house insured with JMJ Insurance:

  • furniture, appliances, apparel, and other items are covered
  • discounts on items like smoke detectors that you already own
  • Quick and competent client service


Renters Insurance

Did you know that your landlord’s insurance does not cover your goods when you rent a home? To ensure that the items you have worked so hard to acquire are safeguarded, consider purchasing renters insurance coverage.

  • Get full coverage insurance for your personal property, including your furniture, electronics, and appliances.


Landlord Insurance

A landlord insurance coverage will give you the peace of mind to rent your property, regardless of how many rental properties you own or whether you need to sublet your house for a year.

  • Insurance coverage against damage to the home, including permanent buildings
  • single-family homes, condos, and townhouses are all covered


  • Business Insurance: Full Coverage Insurance to Help Protect Your Business

JMJ Insurance’s business insurance can help shield your company from monetary risk. You can get assistance from business insurance with coverage for your company’s property damage, legal responsibility, workers’ compensation, and other risks. Having the correct insurance policy can make all the difference when you truly need it, whether you’re a new small business or you’re just looking for better coverage or prices.

Types of Business Insurance We Offer

For practically any kind of business, JMJ Insurance provides a variety of commercial insurance policies, including liability protection, commercial vehicle coverage, and cyber liability.


Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Discover why companies rely on JMJ Insurance to assist them with their needs for business insurance with coverage for:

  • Property damage or bodily harm
  • Defense expenses for damages from covered liability
  • furniture and equipment for businesses


General Liability Insurance/CGL

CGL can assist in securing your company while it does regular operations. Coverage entails:

  • Physical injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Lawsuits costs for covered losses


Workers’ Compensation

If your company has employees, you must get this insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers company employees who have an injury at work. Policies typically cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses


Commercial Auto Insurance

You require a commercial policy if the car’s driver uses it for work, business, or both. You might require commercial insurance if:

  • The vehicle is used to move either people or commodities.
  • The car is used to carry out a task.
  • Employees operate the car


Cyber Liability Insurance

This Protect business owners from computer-related threats including malware, phishing, ransomware, or the theft of a laptop with sensitive data.


  • Additional Insurance for your everyday life- Miscellaneous Insurance Options

Not just auto insurance. You can get assistance from JMJ Insurance with various extra insurance services, including life, travel, international, and more.


Life insurance

By getting life insurance, you can give your loved ones a safety net in case you pass away. The life insurance policy is an agreement that, as long as your premium is paid and the policy is active at the time of your death, your beneficiaries will be entitled to a death benefit payment that can be used however they see fit, including for final expenses, debt repayment, and even regular living expenses.

While permanent policies like whole life, universal life, and final expense give coverage for your whole life, term life insurance provides coverage if you pass away within a predetermined number of years.


Term life insurance

Obtain coverage for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years at a lower cost than permanent policies. Term life insurance is often used to cover your loved ones in the event of your passing while they are still reliant on your income.


Final expense insurance

Also known as burial insurance, final expense life insurance is designed to cover your funeral costs, hospital bills, and related expenses. It’s an affordable permanent policy with no medical exam.


Short-term life insurance

This unique 1-year policy provides short-term coverage if you’re just starting with life insurance or you have a temporary gap in coverage.


Whole life insurance

This popular form of permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, provides coverage for a fixed cost throughout your entire life.


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