If a disaster strikes (Flood, hurricane, earthquake, fire outbreak, burglary, or an accident), what do you have to protect yourself and your properties? You probably would have to replenish lost properties out of your pocket. Accidents and other unfortunate events are terrible; nobody wants them, and certainly not you, but what if there is a way to automatically replace lost items, pay for your medical bills, and repair damaged property without having to pay from your pocket. You might be wondering how this is possible unless a miracle happens. Well, a miracle called insurance can help save you and your properties from an event of damage or burglary, then there is Life Insurance as well.


What is insurance?

Insurance is a financial product. This financial product is sold by an insurance company. The main purpose of insurance is to safeguard you or your property against damage (e.g., Car, phone, or house fire outbreak), loss due to flooding, hurricane, earthquakes, or unintentional misplacement, accidents, and theft (burglary) by reimbursement. Insurance also helps save lives as it provides a service called health and life insurance to help settle medical bills or retirement (pension).



Insurance is not a superhero that comes flying in to save the day, or is it? You get to set up a contract of reimbursement with an insurer ( the insurance company or person), then you become the insured (the person assured of payment or beneficiary), and that is all.


The contract is called an insurance Policy. To buy a policy, you need to make payments called premium. Premium is referred to as the consideration fee paid by you (the insured) annually or semi-annually.


Then you and the Insurer (company or person) will agree to the terms and conditions of the policy so that in terms of unfortunate events called risks or perils you will be reimbursed for your lost properties.


What can I insure?

You can insure anything you own, everything apart from your life. Insurance companies do not have the power over life and death, but they can ensure your health or, in the event of your death, can provide for your family or any of your beneficiaries.

There are other services offered by insurance companies, such as:

  • Health Insurance:
  • This covers prescription medicines, doctor appointments, and medical bills.
  • Homeowner’s insurance:
  • In the event of fire outbreaks, hurricanes, earthquakes, theft, flooding, and other named perils in the policy. You may need to assess your locality or area for these risks.
  • Automobile Insurance:
  • This policy covers damage to your automobile and injuries sustained during the accident, damage to the insured’s car or motorcycle, attorney fees, and medical bills.
  • Disability Insurance:
  • This policy covers workers who get disabled while they are in the workplace and would most likely not be able to work before they reach retirement age. They might not be able to work for weeks, months, or ever again.
  • Malpractice Insurance:
  • This insurance policy helps protect professionals (doctors, construction workers, lawyers, and accountants) against claims made by disgruntled patients or clients.
  • Property Insurance:
  • Insurance policy against disasters that may cause damage to your business building, machinery, inventory, important paintings, furniture, fixtures, valuables, and the like. Property policies cover damage or loss of your business whether it be your property or to property of others stored on the premises.
  • Liability Insurance:
  • A person can be sued for just about anything; an accident, misplaced anger, noise, and many others. Create a personal liability policy to cover these risks. This policy can give coverage just as much as homeowners and automobile insurance.
  • Life insurance:
  • you can help financially secure your family, or beneficiary in case something bad happens to you that may cause death. They get to pay off debt, pay medical fees, education fees, and other living expenses


How can I find the perfect Insurance provider online?


Before you choose an insurance provider, you need to;

  • Decide what type of insurance you need.
  • What or who do you want your policy to cover (you or your family).
  • Why do you need this cover?
  • What you don’t need so as not to pay extra.
  • How much can you afford?
  • How long do you need the cover for?
  • Find out more about the policy.
  • Never buy a policy based on price alone as this may not cover all your needs.


After you buy a policy, you need to;

  • Ask more questions from your Insurer.
  • Thoroughly read terms and conditions.
  • Know that you get cooling-off periods (a period in which you can still change your mind, and cancel).



The Perfect Insurance Provider (JMJ Insurance)

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Importance/ Benefits of Insurance

  • Life risk cover: it covers all your life risks to keep you and your family protected from unforeseen circumstances.


  • Life stage planning: it acts as a long-term investment so that you can meet your life-long goals such as Children’s education, building your house, children’s marriage, planning a perfect retirement, and several others
  • Loan options: in the time of need, you can take out a policy loan.


  • Return on investment: your investment is safe and covers all your risks.


  • Death benefits:  in the event of death, with life insurance, you get paid the sum insured and the condolence bonus to the bereaved.


  • Assured income benefits: These income benefits will compensate for the discontinued income late earning member.


  • It helps cover uncertainties by saving lives and properties.


  • It helps cash flow management





Our lives and livelihood are very important. We should safeguard ourselves and our business against unfortunate and unforeseen events by choosing the perfect Insurance provider. This could easily be done online simply by clicking on JMJ insurance. JMJ insurance helps provide you, your family, and your business with all this protection and more.

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